#LMA23 – Slack the Conference

LMA Midwest’s resident tech guru (and former President!) Laura Toledo brings us a “how-to” series on using Slack to connect with our community at #LMA23.

Whether it’s your first conference or your 20th, the best thing about LMA International is the people!

In years past, Twitter has been the social tech of choice, but we here at LMA Midwest are debuting a private space for LMAers.

Introducing the #LMA23 Slackspace! This is for LMA International Conference goers and LMA members to:

  • Find others at the airport, coordinate taxi rides, etc.
  • Discuss pre-conference programming and ideas
  • Figure out where LMAers are, after-hours
  • See what the chatter is in other breakout sessions
  • Search message content when you get back to your office! Even export content for your notes.

Here’s How You Sign Up

For folks who already know how to use Slackuse the link here to sign on to the conference workspace. Users are limited to #LMA23 conference-goers and LMA members who might not be in attendance.

For those who haven’t used Slack before, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ll be posting a series of how-tos, including:

  • Slack basics including how to use, what channels are, how to chat
  • Slack notifications – how to turn them on and off
  • Direct messaging

We’re starting with WTF Is Slack! Head over to Em Dash Consulting and read more about Slack.

Access Slack Everywhere

Once you’ve got an account, download the Slack app on your mobile phone and your computer’s desktop (though this is where you’d require IT access). You can access it through your browser, but when opening your Slack workspace, it’ll prompt you to open the desktop application.

After You Sign In

  • Head to the #announcements channel and check out the resources!
  • Add yourself to session channels you plan on attending or are interested in chatting about
  • Check out the travel #channels to see if you can grab a cab together at the airport