Happy Holidays Chicago!

The year end is incredibly close. If you’re like me, you’re counting the days. It has been a year, right? Equally, I always feel sentimental and like to know I’ve achieved the things I set for myself, personally and professionally.

With this, I wanted to share two things with you.

Firstly, my time as your Chair of the Chicago Local Steering Committee (LSC) comes to an end. I leave you in the incredibly capable hands and always at the ready with a new idea, our current LSC Programs Co-Chair, Sara Anstoetter. She will be leading the LSC in 2023, alongside Lauren Boyer (Vice Chair), Lynmarie Lane (Secretary), Jordan Navarro, Michael Sandler, Joe Edmonds, and Joanna Beckett. At our end of year catch-up dinner our LSC was so invigorated and ready for all the good things to come in 2023. I will be watching from a distance in 2023 (as a Director at Large on the Midwest Regional Board) and will be your biggest advocate and fan.

Secondly, in lieu of a Holiday Social at this time of the year, we are pivoting to a New Year Social at the beginning of February. We hope you will watch out for this event and join us in person after the craziness of the holidays and when you’ve caught your breath and ready for the start of the year. For many, the holidays represent an incredibly busy time, and gaging this, we didn’t want to “just add another thing to your calendars”. We wanted this next in person social to be as meaningful as the one we had over the summer, and for our members to have the time and energy to enjoy it and connect meaningfully.

Thank you for letting me be your LSC Chair in 2022. I have loved this role. It had both successes and challenges, but mostly it had the wonderful moments throughout the year of connecting with you and listening to what you needed as a member of the Midwest.

Be safe, be happy, and take some down time if you can this holiday season.

Warmest regards,



  • Kate Harry Shipham

    Kate Harry Shipham is the Principal of KHS People LLC, an executive search firm with a niche in placing marketers and business developers in law firms. Kate is a former attorney, and she leverages her background as an attorney to understand the individual needs of her clients and candidates. Both clients and candidates work with Kate because of her deep understanding of the market, her ability to relate based on her attorney and search experience combined, and her professional and personable style she brings into each search.