Volunteer Spotlight: Ohio’s Frank Sulka

Meet Frank Sulka! Frank is the Chief Marketing Officer at Frantz Ward LLP and the Sponsorship Director for Ohio’s Local Steering Committee. Frank shares about his travels, his dog Bogey, the best career advice he’s ever received, and more.

Tell us your story – where do you work and what do you do? I currently work at Frantz Ward LLP in Cleveland, Ohio as the Chief Marketing Officer. I was hired specifically to stimulate business development based on my prior experience.

What do you enjoy most about being an LMA volunteer? The great people in my group and others that I have met as well.

Frank’s dog, Bogey

What are your hobbies? Reading, woodworking, hanging with my dog (Bogey), and drinking scotch.

What was the best vacation you’ve ever been on? My wife and I took our sons on a 2 week cross country journey. We went up in the Arch in St. Louis. We visited the Cadillac Ranch in Texas and hiked through Palo Duro Canyon. We stood on the corner in Winslow, AZ, stayed in Sedona, saw the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Arches National Park in Utah, went to Yellowstone, Little Bighorn and other parts of Montana; visited Mount Rushmore and Deadwood in South Dakota; saw the Mall of America in Minnesota; finished up in Chicago and took a night time cruise on Lake Michigan and ate Lou Malnati’s pizza.

What travel spot is on your bucket list? Scotland

If you could time travel, where’s the first place you would go? Jerusalem to meet Jesus

What book are you currently reading? Thirteen Moons by Charles Frazier

What would the title of your autobiography be? On to the Next Chapter

Who was your top artist on Spotify Wrapped last year? Steely Dan

What was your first live concert? Todd Rundgren

What TV show are you currently streaming? 1923

If you could appear on any game show, which one would you choose? Wheel of Fortune

What’s your favorite movie? Braveheart

Who would play you in a movie about your life? Jack Black

If you could trade places with a Marvel Super Hero (or villain!) for a day, who would it be? Aquaman

Do you have any pets? If so, what’s your favorite thing about them? A Boston Terrier named Bogey. Nothing beats his unconditional love.

What did you have for breakfast this morning? Nothing

What’s your favorite dessert? Creme Brulee

Which 3 famous people would you invite to a dinner party? Scottie Scheffler, Liam Neeson, and Jon Anderson (of Yes)

Pick one word to describe your “why.” What motivates you in your career and personal life? Family. Improving.

Tell us something unique about your law firm or business. We have 2 IPA kegs in our cafe.

The IPA kegs in the office cafe at Frantz Ward

Which marketing leader do you most admire? Dale Carnegie

What’s one of your proudest accomplishments in your career? Reaching the level of Chief Marketing Officer. It has been my goal since I got my Marketing degree at Cleveland State University.

How has LMA helped you accomplish your career goals? Through the network of incredibly talented legal marketers.

What’s the best career advice that someone has ever given you? Don’t overthink what you are doing. You aren’t curing cancer.


  • Lauren McNee Doherty

    Dr. Lauren McNee Doherty is the Marketing Manager at Pritzker Hageman where she helps attorneys champion the rights of injured people in cases involving fires and explosions, foodborne illness, Legionnaires' disease, traffic accidents, defective medical products, and wrongful death. Lauren is a long-time LMA volunteer and currently serves on the Midwest Regional Board as Treasurer-Elect. She has three degrees in flute performance and her claim to fame is that she has performed with the rock band Jethro Tull!