Volunteer Spotlight: Kansas City’s Cheryl Aufdemberge

Meet Cheryl Aufdemberge! Cheryl is a Director-at -Large for Kansas City’s Local Steering Committee and just earned a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, which she started during the pandemic. Congrats Cheryl!

Tell us a bit about yourself – where do you work and what do you do? I’m the Founder of Big Red Tech Works, LLC. I provide digital marketing services to the legal community.

What’s your current and/or former volunteer role in LMA? Former volunteer LMA roles have included serving on committees for West Tech and SW conferences, Strategies editorial board, Midwest Board nominating committee. Current volunteer roles are LMA KC Board and co-chair of 2022 Midwest conference.

What do you enjoy about volunteering for LMA? I enjoy utilizing my skills and expertise to help LMA wherever needed. I enjoy meeting and working with like minded individuals who share my love and respect for each other and the organization.

Tell us something unique about your law firm or employer/business. I am a citizen of the Cherokee nation so my business is woman and Native American owned.

Tell us about a partner in your firm that you’ve gotten to know for a personal reason, and how that has impacted your professional relationship. I don’t currently work in a law firm but I did develop a few personal relationships during my time working in a local law firm and still have connections with these partners today.

Which marketing leader do you most aspire to be like, and why have they impacted you in that way? Like everyone in LMA, “I wanna be like Roy (Sexton).” His knowledge, expertise, humor and compassion make me wish I had the opportunity to work with him.

If you weren’t doing this job, what other job would you have and why? I would return to school with hopes of graduating with a law degree so that I could be an attorney. It’s an occupation I always wanted but the opportunity never presented itself. Being a legal marketer is the next best thing.

What new hobbies have you taken on since the beginning of the pandemic? I took time during quarantine to dive into video marketing and learn how I can use it in my business and volunteer roles

Describe your desk at home. My desk at home was cut in half to make space for new lighting and screens for video marketing and Zoom meetings.

What self-care activities did you pick up while in quarantine? I have a treadmill in my office and started using it more in between Zoom meetings and client work.

What project, personal or professional, did you take during the pandemic? I devoted more time to LMA volunteer opportunities and took advantage of low tuition rate at a local college to earn a degree in Marketing.

Be honest, how many days do you work with your pajama pants on? My daily wear is usually Nike. My favorite tee is Laura’s Taco Team that I purchased to support Laura Toledo. I wear it anytime that I need inspiration.

Talk about an LMA project that you’re proud of. I am proud of any LMA project that I have connected to and honored to have the opportunity to work and serve with amazing people.


  • Sara Pierson

    Sara Pierson is the Marketing and Business Development Manager for Fraser Stryker PC LLO, a Nebraska law firm which provides legal solutions for clients in the areas of litigation, corporate, employment law, technology and intellectual property law, estate planning, and more. A member of the Legal Marketing Association, Sara proudly serves as a Director on the LMA Midwest Region's Board of Directors. Outside of the office, Sara enjoys a variety of outdoor sports and activities, dancing, and spending time with her family, friends, and adorable goldendoodle Lucy.