To Our Minnesota LMA Members, From Your 2021 Chairs

Dear LMA-MN Members and Friends:

Happy New Year!

When the Minnesota Local Steering Committee (LSC) met virtually in December for strategic planning and goal setting, two major themes emerged as we discussed what we each wanted to get out of LMA this year: Community and connectivity.

As a surprise to approximately no one, we legal marketers are feeling connection-deprived after over nine months of near isolation. In addition to holding out hope for an in-person social, this year, we’re resolving to make the most of our circumstances by renewing our gratitude for social technology, testing new ways to forge connections and build a member-wide sense of community, and do everything we can to help everyone in Minnesota’s legal marketing community strengthen their networks.  We are also committed to ensuring that every person who encounters LMA – as a member, visitor, or presenter – experiences a warm and welcoming environment and understands their voice is valued.

In keeping with those priorities, we’re kicking off the year with something we’ve never done before – a virtual, multi-functional panel between legal marketers and diversity & inclusion professionals to help us understand how an intentional, thoughtful partnership can bring about meaningful change. Keep watch for meeting details soon. Hope to “see” you there! 

If you’re also craving community and connectivity in 2021, please consider each of us on the Minnesota Local Steering Committee as your built-in network (see above re: connection deprivation). We’re here in service to you – reach out any time and be sure to connect on LinkedIn. To keep up with local and regional LMA programming and other news, subscribe here.

Lydia Hemmer – Chair
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Lauren McNee – Vice Chair and Secretary
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Moses Ehlers – Programming Co-Chair
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Dan Gruber – Programming Co-Chair
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Caitlin Balsimo – Membership Chair
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We’d love to know – what are your priorities in 2021?


Lydia Hemmer | LMA-MN Chair
Strategic Communications Manager, Taft Law

Lauren McNee | LMA-MN Vice-Chair
Digital Marketing and Communications Manager, Pritzker Hageman