Introducing… Rob Phillips

Rob is the Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer Vorys, in Columbus, OH. We asked Rob a series of questions on both work, life, and other fun things in between, and he kindly gave us his thoughts. It was lovely to meet you Rob, and we hope to see you in person soon!

How do you celebrate your work wins?

“My” wins are never my own.  Our team historically has tried to do anything that gets our minds off the work – even if for a few hours – as a way to celebrate. We’ve volunteered, bowled, attended NHL games, and taken brewery tours.

What was your first job?

I worked in my local school district waxing classroom floors, mowing fields and cleaning bathrooms. Many of that gig’s lessons learned remain relevant today: make your job fun; personally connect with colleagues; talk less and only with a purpose; and quickly clean up messes – especially when they are not your own.

What is your dream car, if money was no object?

My dream car is any that comes with its own driver.  I aspire for a day when I don’t have to be behind the wheel.  I’m not a good driver so surrendering my license would be my gift to society.

If you could have any of these in your law firm, which would it be, and why? (a) Michelin starred lunch restaurant (b) world class gym (c) day care (d) massage and spa center?

I would want a perk that everyone could use. Not everyone has kids. Some people cannot work out and others do not like massages.  So long as that fancy restaurant was gratis and could whip up something for everyone, I’m game.

What about your personal life would you like to share with us?

My family means everything to me and is a perpetual fountain of motivation (play more, work harder, stress less).

.Thank you Rob! Inspirational insights and wonderful thoughts. My favorite: what your first job taught you that you still apply today!


  • Kate Harry Shipham

    Kate Harry Shipham is the Principal of KHS People LLC, an executive search firm with a niche in placing marketers and business developers in law firms. Kate is a former attorney, and she leverages her background as an attorney to understand the individual needs of her clients and candidates. Both clients and candidates work with Kate because of her deep understanding of the market, her ability to relate based on her attorney and search experience combined, and her professional and personable style she brings into each search.