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Website maintenance and security are important for your organization and clients. Regular updates and maintenance to your site are crucial to ensure it is running at optimal capacity. To maintain general data privacy, website administrators have a lot of pieces of information to consider such as:

  • What information is being collected from website visitors?
  • What happens to the data after it is collected?
  • What is done with that information?
  • Is unnecessary data not being collected?
  • Is there a method for users to request/remove the data?

Getting started can be an overwhelming task. As an LMA Member, take advantage of a free audit from our sponsor, The Karcker Group.

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2023 Sponsor

 The Karcher Group is a digital marketing agency focused on web design, search marketing, digital advertising, and brand strategy headquartered in North Canton, Ohio. For 25 years, The Karcher Group has been a trusted partner for more than 600 clients across a multitude of market landscapes and verticals, each with unique business requirements.

The Karcher Group is offering free GDPR/CCPA and ADA Audits to members of LMA. These audits include:

• Review of data privacy protection throughout the website
• ADA evaluation and detailed specifications of potentially infringing elements found throughout the website
• Website performance and speed optimization review
• Mobile experience evaluation and review
• Basic on-page SEO review
• Prioritized recommendations for adherence to GDPR/CCPA and ADA guidelines