Careers in Transition Program

LMA is launching a Careers in Transition working group in June, led by the LMA Midwest Region. This group is available to all LMA members. If you are interested in participating in the Careers in Transition working group, please complete this brief survey to receive program notices. Programming will include webinars on best practices for navigating a career transition and will incorporate opportunities for members to participate in smaller group roundtables to discuss transition topics. The working group will also have access to industry-leading online resources.

The webinars will cover things such as:

  • Where to Start
  • How to Use Your Resume, Cover Letter, and Public Profiles to Showcase Your Expertise
  • How to Capitalize on Interview Opportunities
  • Using LinkedIn to Enhance Your Job Search
  • Managing the Unexpected Career Change
  • Continuous Learning Opportunities for Career Growth

To receive information and invitations for the webinars in the series please be sure to fill out the survey.


  • Laura Toledo

    LMA Midwest's Communications Director and President-Elect, among other titles, including but not limited to: parent to two precocious kiddos between 4 and 6; dog mom to the sweetest and sassiest (respectively) little puppies; communications manager at a Minneapolis-based, mid-sized law firm; creative writer; technology enthusiast; evangelist for LinkedIn ads; follower of the Curly Girl Method.

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  1. In support of this initiative, I have created a self administered Google spreadsheet to help connect Members in Transition with members who can offer temporary work.
    Follow the link to add your name, skill set and availability if you are between jobs.
    Access the dbase if you are now understaffed yet still need projects completed.

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